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New York Evictions

Termination and Eviction Rules in New York

There are situations when a landlord can legally force a tenant out of a rental unit. Conditions in New York include when a tenant causes a certain extent of damage to a rental unit, does not pay rent by a certain time, or if a tenant has a month-to-month rental agreement that the landlord no longer wants to continue. Again, every situation is different, and every lease is different so it’s best to call an attorney if there is any doubt about the legality of certain proceedings against a tenant.

Eviction Proceedings

Whether you are the tenant or the landlord, the eviction process is addressed by New York’s statutes and case law and if not followed correctly, may result in damages or undesired outcomes. Every situation is different so the appropriation actions are not always straightforward. Call our Massapequa, Long Island law office to schedule an appointment to review your eviction concerns.