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Real Estate Law

Whether you rent or own property, maneuvering through the world of real estate can be confusing and stressful. The Law Office of Anthony T. Ballato serves as a Massapequa real estate lawyer helping tenants and residents of Suffolk county and New York navigate through the legal world of real estate law.

Real estate laws are put in place to protect tenants and homeowners from everything between landlord disputes to financial issues. Real estate law is state law and each state has their own varying set of real estate laws in place and a real estate lawyer can help you understand all of the legalities based on your location. There are also some federal real estate laws to protect tenants.

Property ownership effects everyone in some way. Real estate law, commonly referred to as Property Law, encompasses both personal property and land ownership. Owning property can come with many legalities attached. A real estate lawyer can help property owners with various needs such as:

  • Deeds and other legal filingsThe importance of using a real estate attorney
  • Zoning & construction
  • Theft & abandoned property
  • Tenant/Landlord Issues

Your real estate attorney should have an extensive knowledge of your state’s laws and regulations surrounding real estate standings. Some state’s give lawyers more leeway on what they can and can’t help with when it comes to writing up contracts and other legal work.

Legal Paperwork

Real estate lawyers can help assist with critical paperwork. A lot of real estate paperwork can be very complex and contain many hidden and confusing clauses, that if overlooked can wind up costing you more than your finances. Many transactions are very complex and contain a lot of traps for buyers and renters that don’t pay close attention to what they’re signing.

For example, some buyers rush into purchasing property and wind up buying a building with existing problems because they didn’t read paperwork close enough. A real estate

Eviction & Foreclosures

If you are facing eviction or are headed towards foreclosure, a real estate lawyer might be able to help you. Sometimes rental issues can be solved between tenant and landlord or by researching local tenant rights, but other times a lawyer needs to be involved. The same thing goes for foreclosures. Most homeowners going through a foreclosure or are close to foreclosure, like to have a lawyer represent them in court or to help them possibly avoid foreclosure. A landlord will sometimes wrongly evict a tenant for reasons not in accordance with the law and a judge can overrule the eviction.

You shouldn’t wait to call a lawyer when you’re already in trouble. Contacting a real estate lawyer to look over a lease or mortgage can save you time and money. Property is one of the biggest investments a person can make and the process should be done carefully.

The Law Office of Anthony T. Ballato is dedicated to its clients interests and putting their needs first. Reach out to us today for your free consultation!