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“My goal for my clients is to obtain full and adequate compensation for the damages they have suffered, as well as to discourage and remedy the conduct of the offender. A strong, principled sense of social responsibility drives me. I have been committed to achieving justice for consumers, employees, patients, and small business owners, victims of fraud and others promoting appropriate legal remedies and am proud to be an advocate for the underdog.”

– Anthony T. Ballato, New York Lawyer –

Consumer Rights

In addition to vast experience with exotic collectable and family vehicles and a history of lemon law auto cases, Anthony T. Ballato strongly believes in social responsibly.  This is the foundation of his drive to protect consumer rights from cons, scams and deceptive trade practices.  The use of arbitration, mediation and when appropriate, litigation and lawsuits is employed to protect the clients’ (buyer or lessee) interests.

What is Lemon Law and does it apply to me?

In general terms, lemon laws are set forth by states to protect automobile consumers whose vehicles continually fail common standards of quality.  While federal lemon law (known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act), applies to residents of every state, each state also has its own statutes that differ in the application and coverage of lemon law cases.

The best way to know how lemon laws or the common law apply to your car, truck, motorcycle or motor home is to take advantage of our free initial consultation to determine whether your car or truck falls under lemon law statutes and if so, what your remedies may be.

For more information about lemon law cases that have been successfully been mediated or litigated as well as an index of cars and consumer tips, please visit our Lemon Law website at The lemon law website also offers a list of resources relating to New York lemon law as well as a FREE case evaluation form. Do not try to litigate against dealers or manufacturers alone when there is help waiting.

Voted as Clients' Choice 2012 Lemon Lawy Lawyer
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