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The Last Will and Testament, or Will, is a legal document that specifies your wishes for distribution of your real and personal property after death. While most people have a general understanding how and why a Will is used, this important part of the estate planning process can be overwhelming.

Selecting the proper type of Will that best suits your unique circumstances is an essential step. The most common type of Will is a simple Will. It clearly lists your beneficiaries, specifies your executor and may include a guardian for your minor children. The simple Will is appropriate when your assets are limited and straightforward. A holographic Will is written and signed by you in your own handwriting. Other types include a pour over Will, which is used in conjunction with a trust. Each type of Will has specific requirements to ensure valid execution.

A well-crafted Will can avoid any uncertainty in how your assets and property are distributed, yet litigation or disputes may arise about the meaning or validity surrounding an estate or the due execution of a Will. At Anthony Ballato’s Massapequa law office on Long Island, we provide the counsel you need for protection against creditors’ claims and help ensure that the right relationships are created when it comes to defining the roles of custodians, executors, trustees and fiduciaries. We will clearly explain the terms you encounter and help you understand roles such as power of attorney and healthcare proxy.

Tailoring estate planning to your individual needs are at the forefront of our practice. If you are just beginning the estate planning process or desire a review of existing strategy, the Law Office of Anthony T. Ballato provides knowledge, experience and dedication to every client. Call Massapequa’s leading wills and trusts attorney today at (516) 541-9080.