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Trusts Services

Everyone has an estate, and everyone’s estate is unique. Most estates contain complexities that are not covered by a one-size-fits-all template for estate planning. Anthony Ballato evaluates the needs of each client and their estate planning goals and helps them decide if they need a trust, then helps ensure that the appropriate trust is created. Examples of trusts the lawyer has helped clients create are supplemental needs trusts, testamentary trusts, living or revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, Medicaid qualified trusts, and pour-over wills.


If a client wants to avoid probate and the cost of probate in New York, Anthony Ballato can suggest a variety of trusts or lifetime transfers. However, sometimes probate cannot be avoided, and Anthony Ballato’s law firm handles all aspects of probate, estate administration and proceedings, estate litigation, will contests and miscellaneous proceedings. If probate is inevitable, clients can trust Anthony Ballato has the experience to handle it.