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New York General Law Practice

The law firm of Anthony T. Ballato offers you a wide range of general practice services including civil litigation, personal injury, malpractice, family law, lemon law, employment, real estate, wills and estates, elder care, fraud, business concerns and other matters.

Real Estate Law
Are you considering the sale, lease or purchase of a condominium, house or apartment?  Instead of possibly exposing yourself to potential problems down the road, minimize your risk and protect your sale or purchase by relying on our real estate law experience.

Landlord-Tenant Law
As a landlord or a tenant you have rights and understanding those rights is paramount to protecting your interests.  Every state has different laws in place that address the landlord-tenant relationship and New York is no exception.  You are welcome to contact us about leasing or eviction proceedings to help ensure that you are protected.

New York Employment Law
Employment law is very complex and requires a strong legal background to address everything from the implementation of office policies, termination and severance situations as well as discrimination and harassment cases.  Whether you are an employee or an employer, it is very important to ensure that your actions and that your interests are safeguarded and appropriate.

General Business
Contracts and agreements are a part of everyday business but unfortunately a poorly formed contract may mean the loss of assets or equity or incur undue liability.  Read about a conversion fraud case that was successfully prosecuted and won on behalf of a client.  If you are going to engage in business with other parties in a partnership or a limited liability company, corporation or other relationship or if you have questions about improving the legal framework of your existing relationships or agreements, then feel free to call to discuss your situation and to identify potential issues as well as provide you with new contracts or plans to lessen your risk or improve your business.

Wills, Trusts and Estates
It’s an area of our lives that is often avoided but in order to provide for your loved ones as well as to protect your wealth, the creation of wills and trusts is extremely important.  How your estate is structured along with the design of your will may avoid legal problems and confusion in the future.  For an example of how the creation of a living trust went wrong and what was accomplished for the client, click here.  The staff is equipped to handle all facets of wills, trusts and estates, so call for a free initial consultation.

Animal Law & Dangerous Animal Proceedings
Sometimes people are attacked without reason by a vicious animal.  Even when the law permits owners to keep otherwise dangerous animals, you may still protect yourself against these threats or recover from animal attacks. Read about a successful case that was litigated involving an attack by a pit bull here.  The law firm has successfully handled cases involving dangerous animals and dog bites for victims and owners in civil litigation and dangerous dog proceedings.

No matter what life throws at you, call at no obligation to discuss your concerns in confidence.  The law office may guide you through the necessary steps to address your legal concerns.

  • Real Estate
    • purchases, sales and leases
    • zoning and violations
    • condos, co-ops, apartments and houses
  • Landlord -Tenant
    • leases and evictions
    • apartments and rentals
  • Employment
    • office policies and manuals
    • termination and severance
    • discrimination
    • harassment
    • employer – employee
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Shareholders / Corporations
    • Partnerships
    • Limited Liability Companies
  • Wills, Trusts and Estates
    • probate, administration, guardianships, living trusts and wills
  • Animal Law
    • Dangerous Dog Proceedings
    • Dog Bite Cases
  • Civil Litigation in all Courts
  • General Counsel

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