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Dog Bite

ANIMALS Dog Bite Pet greyhound attacked by pit bull while being walked
Settlement:   Settlement $15,000 Case Joan Frey and Charles Frey v. Ronald Ferraro, No. 11126/03
Case #:   XXI/30-17
Date:   Friday, September 26, 2003
Court:   Suffolk Supreme
Plaintiff Attorney:   Anthony T. Ballato, Massapequa, NY
Facts:   Allegations On May 15, 2003, plaintiff Joan Frey's leashed pet greyhound was attacked by a pit bull owned by Ronald Ferraro. Frey was walking her dog on Vondran Street in Huntington Station at the time of the incident. The pit bull ran off of Ferraro's property and attacked the greyhound in the street.

Frey sued Ferraro. She claimed that Ferraro had permitted the pit bull to wander the street unmuzzled and unleashed.
Injuries/Damages emotional distress; loss of services

Frey claimed that she suffered emotional distress as a result of having watched her dog being attacked. She also claimed that she feared imminent danger to herself during the incident. Her husband, Charles, claimed loss of services.

The greyhound required surgery. Ferraro paid for the veterinarian expenses.

Result Frey reached a $15,000 pretrial settlement with Ferraro's insurance carrier.
Demand $20,000
Offer $5,000
Insurer(s) National Grange Mutual Insurance Co.
John Hadler

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