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Why a General Law Practice is Right for You

Anthony T. Ballato, Esq

Thursday, December 02, 2021

When the need for an attorney arises, there are many aspects to consider before choosing the attorney that is right for you. You may choose to seek an attorney that specializes in one area of law, or you may choose to seek a general practitioner. That being said, there are tremendous advantages to choosing a general law practice like the Law Office of Anthony Ballato, as it provides a single source for both your personal and professional legal solutions.

Much like a primary care physician, a trusted attorney should be your first call for any legal question. A general practice attorney is a lawyer able to handle a wide variety of legal matters. On a personal level, this may include divorce, car accidents, real estate, estate planning, employment, business concerns, home construction, elder law, family law, contracts or minor criminal issues. A general law practice is important to providing an overall look at your personal legal issues and making sure you are always headed in the right direction. The same law practice can also handle general business legal matters and assist you with the day-to-day legal operations of your small to medium sized organization. Moreover, in the event you require more detailed or specialized legal care, the Law Office of Anthony Ballato can refer you to the best attorney available for that issue and facilitate that interaction.


Car Accidents

Real Estate

Estate Planning


Business Concerns

Home Construction

Elder Law

Family Law


Minor Criminal Issues

Lemon Law

One of the main advantages of utilizing a general practice attorney is the vast variety of legal knowledge available to the client. The general practice law office is always up to date on important issues and changes to legal issues. We pride ourselves on the ability to solve problems for our clients and provide amicable solutions to your legal issues, whether personal or professional, as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is built upon another advantage of a general law practice and our dedicated relationship with you.

Attorney Anthony Ballato, Esq. has been helping individual and business clients for decades, since 1989.  He has and can help clients in a wide variety of matters from birth to death and assist with legal and business matters of all types. The Law Office of Anthony Ballato has represented and counseled individuals and families throughout their lives and welcomes you to call for a convenient and confidential consultation for yourself, your family and/or your business concerns.


A strong attorney-client relationship is at the forefront of any legal dealings.

We place value on earning your trust, thereby making your experience with the Law Office of Anthony Ballato as enjoyable as possible. Our relationship with you is enhanced with the time and care we put into your individual case. We listen, research and provide you with the best options available. Don’t leave your legal outcomes to an online search or self-service website like Legal Zoom. Establishing a relationship with a trusted attorney will give you peace of mind, knowing that your legal needs will be met with consistency, expertise and compassion.


Convenience and cost-effectiveness are two additional reasons that a general practice law office is right for you.

We can find solutions to your legal matters in less time  because we get to know you. A holistic approach means we often find things another attorney might miss. We focus on your long term goals and not just the immediate problem. Our ability to handle your domestic and business legal needs means one call, one place, and one team to stand behind you.

Legal Guidance

The Law Office of Anthony Ballato goes beyond the scope of a general practice to guide you with the utmost in professional and comprehensive legal guidance with the personal service of a hometown lawyer. An attorney should know you, your life and your business. Whatever questions you have, or whatever situation you find yourself in, start with a call to our offices at 516-541-9080. We are proud to serve Massapequa, New York, and Long Island.